Southern New Hampshire Photographer- Amherst NH

Before moving up to New Hampshire I was able to photograph my Aunt, Uncle and their family. I gifted them a session since I had the opportunity now that I live closer. My Uncle was recently diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's and I wanted to capture moments of him with his family.

My Aunt Alicia & Uncle Richard have not always had it easy. In 1994 they lost their son to meningitis. He had just had his 5th birthday. The emotions of my cousins death are still so raw, I can’t type this without tears. He was the sweetest little boy! I still remember christmas of 1993, his last christmas. One of my cousins hurt my feels and I was sitting in the living room crying. Mark came up to me and said “Don’t cry Wawa, I’ll never hurt your feelings” and gave me a big hug. He had such a kind soul. Marks passing was hard for everyone, most of all my Aunt, Uncle & my cousin Jessica

Seeing Aunt Alicia and Uncle Richard have grandchildren to enjoy has been heartwarming. I had felt that My Uncle Richard had a grandson to do some of the things he wished he could’ve done with his son. It just doesn’t look like that’ll happen now, not with the diagnosis that my Uncle has.

The Phillips Family - Goffstown - Manchester - Nashua - Amherst New Hampshire Photographer

The Phillips family has been coming to me for the past 4 years for their portraits. This was our last session and I was sad to say goodbye. I was so glad that we were able to do one last session before our move to New Hampshire. 

We had such amazing skies this night. The background was so pretty, it almost looked fake. I'm going to miss shooting out at Navarre beach. 


The Chavez Family - Goffstown - Manchester - Nashua - Amherst Family Photographer

This family came to vacation on beautiful Navarre beach, FL. I took them to one of my favorite spots on the sound. The kids were a little cranky and tired when they showed up but it wasn't much of an issue. I love kids and I really enjoy working with them. 


Family Session - Southern New Hampshire

This family wanted to celebrate their daughters first birthday with a photography session! She was such a sweetheart! She was a little tired and not very smiley but she was still so great through the whole session! 

Family Session - Southern New Hampshire Photographer

As Mother's it's so often that we are the photographer of the family. Capturing sweet moments of our families but we as mothers are usually behind the lens. My mother use to say "It doesn't look like I went on the family vacation!" because she wasn't in any pictures. That's where hiring a professional photographer to capture your family moments is so important.

My client wanted pictures with her mother, sister and son. They were wonderful to work with and I hope they cherish these family memories. 

Moving Forward - Nashua - Manchester New Hampshire Photographer

This woman is a wonderful friend and such a beautiful example of a human being. She had talked to me about a family session for a while but nothing was ever scheduled. Then the family dynamics changed when her husband left a week before thanksgiving. She was crushed! The children hurt and angry!

She called me and wanted portraits. She had to sell her tandem bike to pay bills and wanted a picture. Something to document the moments that had shared and the fun they had with the bike. I wanted them in front of their house, the house they would eventually leave to start their new life. 

She also asked for portraits of just the kids. Her oldest son was moving away to start his adult life and she felt these images were so important. 

I've watched this family struggle and emotionally, it's been hard. They're moving forward!

Family Session- Nashua New Hampshire Photographer

I met Sarah and Patrick back in September for a styled shoot. I really enjoyed photographing them and was excited to meet their little boy. He was full of energy at this session and was excited to make faces for the camera. We loved the feel of small town Milton with it's old brick work. They wanted to include their 69 VW beetle!

Cotton Field Session - Nashua New Hampshire Family Photographer

This wonderful family comes to me each November for portraits. It's so nice getting to know my clients, and makes for a comfortable session since we all know each other already. That's one of the reasons I love doing engagement sessions before a wedding. 

This year they asked for a cotton field. This late in the season, I wasn't sure if we'd find one. We got lucky and found a beautiful field and the light was amazing! 



About me - Nashua- Manchester Photographer

This is a brand new website and blog for a new chapter in my life!

For the last 21 years my husband has been in the Air Force. It's been a great 21 years full of adding children to our family (6 kids) and getting to live in different parts of the country. We've lived in Virginia, Texas, Alaska (our favorite), and Florida. 

We're originally from the northeast and we want to be closer to our family. We miss the season, I love the fall! I even miss the snow!! We're so excited to be headed to New Hampshire in the next month or two!

I really can't wait to take beautiful images of brides, grooms and families in the snow or the amazing colors of fall! 

Most of my current images were taken in Northwest Florida. That will change soon!