Jean & Royce - Couple Session - Goffstown - Manchester - Nashua - Amherst New Hampshire Photographer

Jean and Royce were visiting beautiful Pensacola beach from Texas. Jean said that they have never done professional portraits of just the two of them. They were such a fun, sweet couple! I really enjoyed the time I spent with them! Make up by Glamorous by Jessica


Mr & Mrs Hoke - Pensacola beach elopement - Goffstown - Manchester - Nashua - Amherst New Hampshire photographer

Heather called me about a week out of her wedding date hoping that I was available to capture her elopement. She said that her and Aaron would be vacationing at Navarre beach and decided they wanted to get married in a simple ceremony. 

I set up a meeting with them the day before their ceremony. I showed them a beautiful area where I suggested they get married. They loved the location and were excited for their wedding!

The following day I made sure to be at their wedding location early. I met the officiant and her husband and enjoyed their company while waiting for Heather & Aaron. Then we got phone calls that they wouldn't be able to get to us. The blue angles flew that afternoon and traffic to get of the beach was awful! They sat in their car for over and hour and barely moved. We had to go to them! Which was fine, wedding don't always go as planned, I like to flexible for my clients. I was a little worried that I was loosing light but thankfully I brought some lights with me.

It was small, simple and quick but I think it was a beautiful elopement!



Mr & Mrs Travis - Goffstown - Manchester - Nashua - Amherst Wedding Photographer

Malayne and Justin Pensacola Beach wedding was everything I love about beach weddings.  It was intimate and joyful, easygoing but also refined,  and full of family and friends who were genuinely happy to be there and see these two get married. The ceremony took place behind Hemingway’s Island Grill. Malayne chose beach decor for the reception, which perfectly complemented this Hemingway’s wedding.



Maternity Session - Southern New Hampshire Photographer

Hillary makes pregnancy look so easy and glamorous, even while having contractions! She glows and just looks so amazing! Her little boy came the very next day!

There are just too many excuses to skip a maternity session, with a list of other things to purchase. These 9 months go by so quickly, it's such an important time to document! 

Family Session - Southern New Hampshire

This family wanted to celebrate their daughters first birthday with a photography session! She was such a sweetheart! She was a little tired and not very smiley but she was still so great through the whole session! 

Family Session - Southern New Hampshire Photographer

As Mother's it's so often that we are the photographer of the family. Capturing sweet moments of our families but we as mothers are usually behind the lens. My mother use to say "It doesn't look like I went on the family vacation!" because she wasn't in any pictures. That's where hiring a professional photographer to capture your family moments is so important.

My client wanted pictures with her mother, sister and son. They were wonderful to work with and I hope they cherish these family memories. 

Maternity Session - Nashua - Manchester - Concord New Hampshire Photographer

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a women life. It's not always easy, swollen feet, a hurting back among so many uncomfortable things. It goes by so quickly and should be documented with beautiful photographs. I regret not having professional photographs off all of my pregnancies. That wasn't really a thing 20 years ago when I had my first.

My first baby is now having her own little girl and I was so glad that I could capture this time! Thank you Jessica Salort from Glamorous by Jessica for hair and make up.

Bath Session - Nashua- Manchester New Hampshire Photographer

This was a fun project I did with model Taylor Cherie. I had an idea for a black bath water shoot and it was great putting it all together. Make up was done by Jessica Salort.   Taylor was such a pleasure to work with and did a great job bringing my vision to life .


Moving Forward - Nashua - Manchester New Hampshire Photographer

This woman is a wonderful friend and such a beautiful example of a human being. She had talked to me about a family session for a while but nothing was ever scheduled. Then the family dynamics changed when her husband left a week before thanksgiving. She was crushed! The children hurt and angry!

She called me and wanted portraits. She had to sell her tandem bike to pay bills and wanted a picture. Something to document the moments that had shared and the fun they had with the bike. I wanted them in front of their house, the house they would eventually leave to start their new life. 

She also asked for portraits of just the kids. Her oldest son was moving away to start his adult life and she felt these images were so important. 

I've watched this family struggle and emotionally, it's been hard. They're moving forward!

1 st Birthday - Nashua New Hampshire Photographer

My youngest recently turned one. This year has flown by so fast and I just can't believe that she is one already! As a mother I just had to make sure she had pictures done for her first birthday! This was her first time having icing and she seemed to like it. I wanted to incorporate the high chair since all 6 of my kids used it. 

Cotton Field Session - Nashua New Hampshire Family Photographer

This wonderful family comes to me each November for portraits. It's so nice getting to know my clients, and makes for a comfortable session since we all know each other already. That's one of the reasons I love doing engagement sessions before a wedding. 

This year they asked for a cotton field. This late in the season, I wasn't sure if we'd find one. We got lucky and found a beautiful field and the light was amazing! 



Remembering A Veteran - Nashua - Manchester New Hampshire Photographer

I was contacted by a couple that had an unusual photography request. David and Laura needed me to take a picture of a shadow box.

David's father gave his life for his country during WWII. David was only 5 and he told me that he still remembered when his mother got the news. It was hard not to tear up as David spoke about the loss of his father. 

David had beautiful, large shadow box that contained his fathers folded flag, medals and a newspaper article. David & Laura needed a picture of this shadow box so a print could be displayed at a WWII memorial. 

This was completely out of my comfort zone, I take pictures of people! Then there was the glass that covered the shadow box that could not be removed. I told Laura and David that I was more than willing to accept this challenge but made them aware that this was not something I had done before and there was one major obstacle to overcome, glare. 

I googled and I researched how best to do the job. I always want to give my client the best. I really wanted to get a beautiful image for Laura & David. This family has sacrificed so much for their country and this was so important to them. 


                                                       Owen K Ellis, Thank you for your sacrifice

About me - Nashua- Manchester Photographer

This is a brand new website and blog for a new chapter in my life!

For the last 21 years my husband has been in the Air Force. It's been a great 21 years full of adding children to our family (6 kids) and getting to live in different parts of the country. We've lived in Virginia, Texas, Alaska (our favorite), and Florida. 

We're originally from the northeast and we want to be closer to our family. We miss the season, I love the fall! I even miss the snow!! We're so excited to be headed to New Hampshire in the next month or two!

I really can't wait to take beautiful images of brides, grooms and families in the snow or the amazing colors of fall! 

Most of my current images were taken in Northwest Florida. That will change soon!